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Social Inclusion and Training Initiatives


Caley Construction Ltd’s Community and Social Policy is a statement of our corporate social responsibility and of our commitment to deliver wider community and social benefits from investment in public works.

We will continue to promote and support Project Charters in our partnering arrangements to develop local supply chain relationships and provide maximum opportunities for local business and labour to deliver tangible economic, community and social benefits.

We have successfully taken on trainees from many organizations including Castlemilk Initiative, North Lanarkshire Council, Falkirk Council, Riverside Inverclyde and Tollcross Housing Association, generally as part of the contract works training programmes. 

We will co-operate with our public sector partners to promote social inclusion by developing integrated employment training that creates opportunity and will offer support to:

  • enable individuals to fulfill their potential
  • realize maximum community benefit
  • achieve social, economic and environmental regeneration and real progress
  • develop sustainability indicators to reflect these Quality of Life Counts

Through extensive long term involvement with local authorities, registered social landlords and local enterprise agencies, Caley Construction Ltd recognise the need in partnership with clients to secure maximum economic and community benefit from the projects.

We continue to support our public sector partners’ broader social inclusion agenda through delivery of employment training as delivered as an integral element of major works and service contracts often participating in local employment initiatives assisting beneficiaries furthest removed from the labour market with multiple barriers to participation helping them from economic inactivity to sustainable employment.

The following areas have been addressed by way of demonstrating our proposals and our commitment to maximising local opportunities arising from investment in the area towards delivering wider social benefit and economic sustainability:

  • Community and Social Policy
  • Training
  • Typical Qualification Attainment Levels
  • Proposals for Support and Supervision of Trainees
  • Monitoring and Reporting Arrangements
  • Candidate Interview Record
  • Training Plan
  • On-site Activity and Training Record
  • Employee and Trainee Record
  • Employee and Trainee Statistics Record
  • Work Placements for Unemployed

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