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Our Market Sectors

We operate across a broad range of market sectors. Targeting our services to match the specific needs of each client, we are committed to delivering excellence at all times - whatever the size of the contract.


Local Authority


We perform major environmental improvement and public realm works as well as infrastructure improvement programmes in collaboration with our public sector partners.

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Housing Associations


We have nurtured strong links with housing associations throughout Scotland, consolidating the partnership approach to doing business in this important area of the built enviroment.

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High quality external landscaping adds aesthetic value to existing commercial areas, both encouraging business retention and attracting new business to commercial and industrial parks.

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Addressing the needs of several retail parks and shopping centres across Scotland, we are equipped to provide a unique turnkey package in the public realms area.

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Caley Construction has developed an impressive track record in the educational market delivering contracts won via both government and traditional procurement methods.

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Building and maintaining the carriageways and footways that provide the essential arteries for business and personal traffic are some of our most important activities at Caley Construction.

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We're a leading provider of Rail Infrastructure. From rail refurbishment and maintenance to project development and design.

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