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Contract Details:

Contract Value:

£ 160,000

Contract Duration:

12 Weeks


Milnbank Housing Association


John Gilbert Architects

Key Features:

  • Site clearance / Excavations
  • Drainage / Pathworks / Slabbing
  • Demolish Structures / Landscaping
  • Timber and Metal fencing / Timber Planters
  • Decking / Clothes poles / Lighting / Turfing
  • Tree and shrub removal/planting

Milnbank Backcourts – Block A Aitken/Duke Street

Description of Works

Caley Construction Ltd were appointed principle contractor to upgrade the backcourts of Aitken Street/Duke Street in the Dennistoun area of Glasgow. Caley Construction were contracted to transform the rundown backcourts to a vibrant, modern area that the residents can be proud of.

 The backcourts had previously been a messy dumping ground with refuse everywhere. Caley Construction worked closely with John Gilbert Architects to come up with the final design of the backcourts; offering alternatives and our expertise from past contracts.  There were a number of variations included during the projects duration, all of which were handled promptly and efficiently.

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