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Contract Details:

Contract Value:

£ 233,500

Contract Duration:

13 Weeks 2/6 to 26/8/2014


South Lanarkshire Council
Montrose House
Hamilton, ML3 6LB
Ken Meek


Ironside Farrar
52 Grovewood Business Centre
Bellshill, ML4 3NQ
Robert Davidson

Contract Type:

NEC3 Engineering and Construction Short Contract

Key Features:

  • Site Set up / Traffic Management / Site Clearance
  • Removal of existing Signs, Posts, Street Furniture
  • Guardrails and Railings
  • Drainage Works – Including adjustment of drains
  • Connections and chambers and gullies
  • Adjustment of Street Lighting covers
  • CAT scan and protect existing services
  • Concrete, Excavation, Break out Bituminous material
  • Disposal, Backfill, Imported Infill, Surface Treatment, Type 1
  • Bituminous Surfacing including Patch Footway Repairs
  • Regulating, Tack Coat, Reinstatement
  • Kerbing, Caithness Slabs, Granite Cubes, Upgrade Car Parks
  • Street Furniture including Litter Bins, Poles, Bollards and Planters
  • Bin Store walling random rubble reclaimed sandstone including coping and pointing
  • Install Pedestrian Guardrail, Railings and Gates and Paint Fencing
  • Traffic Signage, Soft Landscaping works including Tree Planters and Shrub Planting

King Street Rutherglen Streetscape Phase 2

Description of Works

Caley Construction Ltd were appointed as Principal Contractor to deliver the King Street Rutherglen Streetscape Phase 2 project in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council.

The Public Realm Improvements comprised of New Stone Paving and associated works to upgrade the existing pedestrian pavement to Caithness / Stone paving Granite Setts and Cubes, two car parks were upgraded, Street Furniture installed consisting of Litter Bins, Poles and Bollards, Signage and the Installation of New Tree Planters and Shrub Planting.

Also included were adjustments to the Drainage and Street Lighting and Pedestrian Guardrails.

DSCF3062 Contrasting Paving Detail
DSCF3063 Incl Litter Bin
DSCF3067 Incl Railing
DSCF3069 Incl Planters
DSCF3070 Contrasting & Planters
DSCF3073 Paving,planters & Lighting
DSCF3090 Close Up Of Paving
DSCF3094 Incl Bollards
DSCF3096 Incl Bollard & Litterbin
DSCF3104 Car Park Entrance
DSCF3108 Car Park Entrance & Edging
DSCF3110 Cubes Close Up
DSCF3111 Wall Close Up   DEFINITE To Use
DSCF3114 Small Car Park   DEFINITE To Use

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