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Contract Details:

Contract Value:

£ 240,000

Contract Duration:

16 Weeks October 2014 – February 2015


Milnbank Housing Association Ltd
53 Ballindalloch Drive, Glasgow, G31 3DZ


David Narro Associates, 24 James Morrison St, Glasgow, G1 5PE

Quantity Surveyor:

Towler & Hyslop Ltd, Station Terrace, 94 Kerr Street, Glasgow, G40 2QP


John Gilbert Architects, 201 The White Studios, Templeton on the Green
62 Templeton St, Glasgow, G40 1DA

Key Features:

  • Ground Investigation/Site Clearance
  • Removal – Trees, Slabs, Kerbs, Fencing
  • Demolish brick bin stores and planters
  • Excavating and Filling
  • Drainage Work
  • Tree Works
  • Paving
  • Kerbs and Edging
  • Surfacing
  • Slabbing & Kerbing
  • Footpath Repairs
  • New Fencing, Decking, Solar Lights
  • Install Clothes Poles, Lighting
  • Bin Store Construction
  • Soft Landscaping – Topsoiling, Seeding and Planting

Dunragit Street, Glasgow Block B, Backcourt Improvement

Description of Works

Caley Construction Ltd were appointed as Principal Contractor to deliver the Backcourt Improvements at Block B – Bounded by Dreghorn Street, Dunragit Street and Abernethy Street in partnership with Milnbank Housing Association Ltd.

The project comprised of the back court improvements.  Existing perimeter walls were demolished, the tarmac surfacing to footpaths around the properties was removed and paved slabbed areas were lifted and cleared. A number of existing trees were removed to facilitate landscape works with the retention of specific trees designated by John Gilbert Architects.

The works resulted in the transformation of individual private backcourts for each of the closes.  Each back now contains both grassed and paved areas with a designated drying area.  New bin stores were constructed of a suitable size to accommodate waste and recycling bins for each property.

The existing paths were resurfaced and drop kerbs provided at designated points, gates were provided at the entrance to the back courts to prevent unauthorized entry to the area.

General soft landscaping works were undertaken including the planting of shrubs and bushes.

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