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Contract Details:

Contract Value:

£ 324,000

Contract Duration:

20 Weeks


Glasgow City Council


Glasgow City Council
231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX

Quantity Surveyor:

Not Available


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Contract Type:

Not Available

Key Features:

  • site clearance
  • excavation
  • type 1 formation
  • whin footpath construction
  • attenuation works
  • knotwood control
  • tree felling
  • tar path construction
  • timber walkway construction
  • timber fencing
  • Steps demolition
  • whin box steps
  • soft landscaping
  • steel bridge installation
  • drainage

Castlemilk Woodlands

Description of Works

Caley Construction Ltd were appointed as Principal Contractor by Glasgow City Council to construct and reinstate a number of whin and tarmac paths in the Castlemilk Area. 

The paths were constructed in a number of locations around Castlemilk all incorporating various types of terrain, from old roadways to completely new paths through steep woodland areas. 

The project included a number of tree feelings, rhododendron thinning and knotweed removal. 

A timber walkway was installed to span some particularly boggy ground, and a 1.8m steel bridge was used in another location to ford a stream.

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Castlemilk Maintenance 005
Castlemilk Maintenance 014
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